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29 December, 1955
Nisporeni, Republic of Moldova

Member of Moldavian Union of Artists
27 December 1990, Painting department

Study and training:
National College of Fine Arts I.E.Repin, Chişinău
University of Arts George Enescu, Iasi (Romania), the Faculty of Fine Arts ,
Course – painting (prof. Corneliu Ionescu)
1990 - Member of the Union of  Artists of Moldova
1992 - Member of the Group ZECE
1996 - Member of the Union of Artists of Romania
1997 - Member of the UNESCO International Association of Professional Artists
From 1984 is participates in official exhibitions in the country and abroad organized by the Ministry of Culture and the Union of Artists  of Moldova; since 1992 - organized by the Union of Artists  of Romania.
2001 -Resident of Cité Internationale des Arts ,  Paris
Research travel:
Germany, Italy, Turkey, Georgia, Russia, France, Poland, Belgium , Holland,
Solo exhibitions:

2016- Chisinau, Constantin Brancusi Gallery, Moldova
2015- Oradea, Tara Crisului, Art Museum, Romania
2014- Cluj-Napoca, Art Museum, Romania
2014- Sibiu, Brukenthal National Museum, Romania
2014- Ploiesti, Art Museum, Romania2012 - Odesa,  Museum od Fine Arts, Ucraine 
2011 - Gomel, Palace & Park Ensemble, Rumyantsev-Paskevich Palace
2011 - Minsk, National Museum of Arts, Belarus
2010 - Chisinau, Constantin Brancusi  Gallery, Moldova
2009 - Bucharest,  Dialog  Gallery,Romania
2009 - Como (Schignano), Italy
2006 - Iasi,  Museum of Arts, Romania
2006 - Chisinau, Constantin Brancusi  Gallery, Moldova
2006 - Chisinau, World Bank Office, Moldova
2001 - Moscow, Exhibition centre Tsentral’nyi Dom Hudozhnica, Russia
2001 - Paris, Cité Internationale des Arts, France
1998 - Brussels, World Exhibition Eureka-98,  Belgium,
1997 - Chisinau, Constantin Brancusi Gallery, Moldova
1997 - Bucharest, Latin’s America House, Romania
1995 - Bucharest, Etaj – 3/4 Art Gallery, Romania
1994 - Piatra Neamt, Museum of Art, Romania
1994 - Iasi,  Victoria Art Gallery, Romania
1992 - Botosani, Stefan Luchian Gallery, Romania
1992 - Bucharest, City Art Gallery, Romania
1991 - Chisinau, National Centre of Culture and Art, Moldova
1989 – Chisinau, Union of Writers of Moldova
1990 - Capo d’Orlando, de Florio Art Gallery, Italy
1988 - Chisinau , Art Salon of the Union of Artists, Moldova
1987 - Chisinau, State University Gallery, Moldova
1986 - Chisinau, City Gallery, Moldova
Relevant group exhibitions abroad:

2015- Beijing International Art Biennale, China
2015- Dreux, France
2014- Timisoara, Diplomatic Art, Romania
2012 – Rome, Museum of the Roman Civilization(Museo della Civiltà Romana), Italy
2012 – Capo D’Orlando, Pinacoteca  Tono Zancanaro, Italy
2012 - Moscow, Rusia, All-Rusian Decorativ-Applied art Museum, Moldova.Contemporary art
2010 - Bucharest, Romania,  Dialog  Gallery
2010 - Cannes, France, International Art Salon
2009 - Cannes, France, International Art Salon
2009 - Moscow, Russia, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art ARTSALON-2009
2008 - Padua, Italy, La Renascence Gallery
2006 - Moscow, Russia, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art ARTSALON-2006
2006 - Utrecht, Holland, International Art Salon
2006 - Brussels, Belgium, Contemporary Art of Moldova, European Neighbourhood
2005 - Vilnius, Lithuania, Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Moldova
2002 - Moscow, Russia, Exhibition of Contemporary Art ARTSALON-2002
2002 - Lyon, France, Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Moldova
1999 - Rome, Italy, Romanian-Italian Exhibition of Contemporary Art
1998 - Moscow, Russia, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art ARTSALON-98
1993 - Porto Sant’Elpideo, Italy, City Art Gallery
1993 - Moscow, Russia, ARTMIF International Exhibition, MANEJ Art Gallery
1992 - Köln, Germany, City Art Gallery
1990 - Ficarra, Italy, City Art Gallery
1989 - Cyprus, Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Moldova
1988 - Finland, Exhibition of Contemporary Art from Moldova  
1986 - Moscow, USSR, International Exhibition of Contemporary Art
Honours and awards:
2015- Award of City Hall Bacau, Romania
2014- National Award of Government of R.Moldova
2014- Union Artist of Romania Award
2013- Union Artist of R/Moldova Award
2010-  Winner of National Contest in Contemporary Arts
2010 Grande Medalle d’Or, Salon Grand Prix International de Prestige M. C. A. de Cannes - 2010
2009 Grande Medalle d’Or, Salon Grand Prix International de Prestige M. C. A. de Cannes - 2009 
2009 - Honorary Title  Master of Arts of Moldova
2009 - Diploma  Ministry of Culture, National Contest in Arts
2009- Trophy Vicolo Poldo, Como, Italy 
2008 - Union of Artists of Moldova Award
2008 - Diploma  Ministry of Culture, National Contest in Arts
2007 - Union of Artist of Romania Award
2005 - Diploma Ministry of Culture , National Contest in  Arts, 1st edition
2002 - Prize of the  Union of Artists for Painting ,
2001 - Prize of the International Cultural Centre  G. Apostu , Moldova Salons contests
1998 - The Silver Medal at the World exhibition “Eureka” (Brussels)
1998 - Honorary Degree of the Flemish Artists Guild,  Brussels
1997 - Honorary Degree of the European Art Academy, Brussels  
1992 - “Lucian Blaga” Symposium award, Chisinau
1992 - “Moldova Salons” 2nd prize, Bacau, Romania
National Art Museum, Beijing, China
Art Museum Tara Crisului, Oradea, Romania
Brukenthal National Art Museum, Sibiu, Romania
Art Museum, Cluj-Napoca, Romania
Art Museum, Ploiesti, Romania
National Museum of Art of Moldova
Museum of Art , Baia mare, Romania
Museum of History and Art, BACAU, Romania
Museum of A.Mateevici, Cainari,  Moldova
National Museum of Arts, Minsk, Belarus
State  Museum of Art , Ankara, Turkey
State  Museum of Art , Bishkek, Kyrgystan
Contemporary Art Collection of the Ministry of Culture of Romania
Collection of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova
Public Collection of Cannes, France
Public Collection of Capo dOrlando, Italy
Colection of Union of Artists, Moldova 
Collection of  Foundation STURZA
Private collections:
 Australia, Austria, Belgium, France, Italy, Germany, USA, Russia, Venezuela, Israel, Turkey, Finland, Cyprus, Lithuania, Netherlands
1.  Openning day International Painting Biennial 2011
2. Openning day International Painting Biennial 2011
3. Openning day International Painting Biennial 2011
4. Openning day International Painting Biennial 2011 National Museum of Fine Arts, Minsk, Belarus  Video, National TV Belarus  Video, Museum Minsk Homel, Palace Rumeantev-Paskevichi  video, National Contest in Contemporary Arts (rewarding)
... - video, 1min20sec, Solo exhibition 12.10.2010 Kishinev slade-show , 1min 47sec , Solo exhibition 12.10.2010 Kishinev - video, 2min 02 sec, Solo exhibition 12.10.2010 Kishinev -video, solo exhibition 12.10, 2010 Kishineu
Tudor Zbarnea makes part from that category of painters who examine by means of art the aesthetics and ethics, the aesthetics organically interweaved with the ethics in accordance with the Greek concept Kalokagathon. A concept and ideal suggested also as an ideal for the modern human being who has been frequently ignoring or rejecting the idea of beautifulness in “favor” of expressiveness or even ugliness.
Kalookagathos, kalos kai agathos – Beautifulness is Goodness or, in other words, Goodness is Beautiful. It is beauty.
Tudor Zbarnea is one of those moralists, who are meditating on the human being condition, but he makes it strictly through artistic means, he makes it from within the imperatives of the image and not as an additional speech to the image.
Expressionist tensions from some of his paintings are the expression of his meditation on the human being in the world, especially of the present day human being. This meditation is intimately blend with the one focused on the nature of the painting.
In other words, we may say that his expressionism is one “well tempered”. The artist does not use great distortions of the form, great contrasts of colors or values. His painting is never grotesque, never desperately crying, never gesticulating because of lack of hope. His chromatics is severe but not somber. The painting is laid on the canvas like on a wall, monastery wall. But let us remember that in the religious iconography the hell is also present. As well as Last Judgement, the possibility of Resurrection, Deisis.
In the subtext of his images we may guess sometimes the pattern of the icon as a spiritualized form of organization of the image and the elementary notion of the archaic configuration (the series of totemic images with idols) when the painting becomes more stern, rougher.
Tudor Zbarnea is in an anxious search of himself, of the truth. His eye is keenly directed towards the moral sense of the life (“Disintegration”, “The utopia of the eternity or the truth of the moment”, “Returning to himself”). At the same time he is a passionate investigator of the expressive resources of the image that take place in the huge space between expressionism and abstraction with symbolic flavor.
“The second modernism” has begun to be talked about. In comparison with the first, it is not proclaiming anymore “the absolute autonomy of the image”, the image that finds its ultimate scope in itself, in its own configuration but it is concerned by the insertion of the image in the immense matter of the world, of the life.
In this respect, Tudor Zbarnea belongs to “the second modernism”.

MARIN GHERASIM, Bucharest, 2010.
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